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Windsor Jewelers makes the process of selling your jewelry a simple and trustworthy experience.

We pay the highest prices for signed jewelry, diamonds and precious gems, and respect the importance of confidence and discretion. The Windsor Jewelers team have established a reputation of integrity, expertise, and personal service.

At Windsor Jewelers, we consistently offer the highest market values certified by the extensive experience our staff has in grading, evaluating and selling jewelry, as well as our vast international clientele and their voracious appetite for fine jewelry.

We have private rooms at our New York location for discreet evaluation. Our buyers will determine prices with the knowledge of intrinsic value, rarity, and condition of your piece. Diamond prices are determined based on market conditions, carat weight, cut, color and clarity. We expect to see signs of wear on antique and estate jewelry and our experienced buyers will price accordingly in terms of condition.

Sell your jewelry by our fast and secure shipping process. We will provide you a detailed valuation and guarantee the highest offer in the industry.
Step One

Fill out our “Request a Shipping Label” form with your contact information and the jewelry you wish to sell. Include as much details as possible with images of your jewelry in order to receive the best quote. Or you may call our office at 212-262-0500.


Step Two

After requesting information about your jewelry our team will send a FedEx label and set of instructions to your e-mail. You may ship your items to our New York office fully insured with FedEx at no charge to you.


Step Three

Once your jewelry arrives to our New York office our team of experts will carefully open your package under a surveillance camera. Your jewelry will be evaluated based on intrinsic value, rarity and condition. Each factor will be taken into account in giving the proper valuation of your jewelry.


Step Four

We will then contact you once the valuation is complete. Windsor Jewelers offers the highest price in the industry. If you accept our offer, we will transfer the money to you via check express mail or bank transfer. If you decline the offer we will return your jewelry with express delivery.


Visit Our New York Office

No appointment is necessary in order to visit our office. However we welcome you to contact us via e-mail and send to our team photos of the jewelry you would like to sell before your visit. One of our experienced buyers will always be available to assist your selling process. Once the valuation procedure is completed we will immediately provide you with an offer.

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